Well Selection Criteria

ActiveEOR® can be economically applied to a range of well types and operations.

Usable as a standalone technology or with other technologies, an ActiveEOR® injection does not not require wellbore or infrastructure changes. The technology is generally limited to reservoirs having permeability greater than one Darcy, such as unconsolidated sands, fractured/vuggy limestones or reservoirs where wormholes (CHOPS) have been created as a result of prior recovery techniques.

These products can also be used any depth and with any type of crude.

Well Characteristic

  • Reservoir Type
  • Reservoir Permeability
  • Reservoir Location
  • Reservoir Depth
  • Reservoir temperature
  • Oil Saturation
  • API Gravity of Crude Oil
  • Crude Oil Viscosity (cPs)
  • Brine TDS (ppm)
  • Brine Hardness (ppm)
  • Well Type

Property Limit

  • Sandstone or Carbonate
  • > 1 Darcy or Unconsolidated (Sandstone)
    Fractured System (Carbonate)
  • Onshore/Offshore
  • No Limit
  • No lower limit
  • >35%
  • 7-30
  • > 100,000
  • Up to 80,000
  • <5,000
  • Vertical/Horizontal

Purchasing Options

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