ActiveEOR® delivers energy to post-CHOPS reservoirs in the form of heat and gas. An ActiveEOR® slurry is injected cyclically (via a Huff n’ Puff process) and leverages the wormhole network to distribute the material throughout the oil zone. No costly capital investments or special equipment is needed.

Heat and pressure are the primary mechanisms for improved recovery; these effects extend along the near-wormhole region. A soluble alkali silicate is also generated to help reduce formation IFT and increase oil mobility. Typical operations include 1-day injection, 3-day soak, and up to 120-day production time.

ActiveEOR® increases recovery up to 50% over primary CHOPS production. This post-CHOPS process can increase well productivity lifetime for 5-10 years, adding 25-50% to recoverable reserves.


Post-CHOPS operations are underway. For more information about ActiveEOR® or to participate in pilot trials, contact us at


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