Our Science | harnessing the power of alkali metals

SiGNa’s oil & gas products deliver the benefits of chemical, immiscible gas, and thermal flooding techniques in one easy-to-use chemical. The secret to SiGNa’s technology is its ability to harness the reactivity of sodium metal, allowing it to be safely and easily used in the field. As our products react with reservoir water, they generate heat, hydrogen, and alkali silicates directly within the reservoir, allowing you to leverage the full heat and pressure benefits to improve recovery.

Stabilized alkali metals are a new class of green oilfield chemicals designed to increase recovery from oil & gas reservoirs.

The ActiveEOR® portfolio can be used in a wide variety of reservoirs, at any depth and with most types of crude. These green chemicals produce only benign by-products and deliver cleaner wastewater. The result is increased yield with a lower impact on the environment. ActiveEOR® can be used as a standalone chemical or injected alongside other EOR techniques.