Field Operations

ActiveEOR® is a robust and effective stimulation option, even for mature or declining wells. The material is easily and safely injected to the reservoir using conventional pumping equipment, either via a tubing or casing injection procedure. The well site preparation and injection process are typically completed in 1-2 days. Wellbore temperatures during and after injection are constrained well below the free (in situ) reaction temperatures, which allows the temperature sensitive equipment to be left in place during injections.

There is no CAPEX investment is required for project implementation. A typical ActiveEOR® injection involves four simple steps:

  1. Pre-flush the wellbore
  2. Inject ActiveEOR®
  3. Post-flush the wellbore
  4. Return the well to production


NOTE: Any injection methods and procedures on this website are for discussion purposes only. Specific injection procedures (reservoir conditions, injection type, instrumentation, etc.) must be established for each well

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