ActiveEOR® | bringing new life to existing oil fields

infographic-ActiveEORThe ActiveEOR® platform is a new line of oilfield chemicals developed to significantly improve secondary and tertiary recovery, while also reducing environmental impact. During reaction, heat and high-pressure hydrogen gas are released and a soluble alkali silicate is generated to help reduce interfacial tension (IFT) and increase oil mobility.

All reaction products are generated in the oil zone, eliminating heat losses and maximizing production benefits. In terms of a pure heat equivalent, 1.0 bbl of ActiveEOR® provides the same energy as 1.9 bbl of condensing steam (500 psi). It is also an efficient heat delivery system compared to conventional steam, which may experience a 5-30% heat loss.

ActiveEOR® can be injected either as a Huff and Puff process or chemical flood. It can also be used as a standalone technology or in parallel with other EOR technologies, such as polymers, surfactants, etc. No wellbore or infrastructure changes are required, allowing for low-cost operations that can be safely implemented with no risk to the well, field equipment or personnel.

The result is maximum recovery with minimal environmental impact.

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